Crackdown on a female activist

Posted on March 5 2012 by GIRIFNA

March 2, 2012–On Tuesday,  seven NISS officers raided the house of a human rights activist, Nazik Kabalo, and confiscated the hard drive of a desktop computer, documents and her cellphone. She was called for questioning at, a NISS premisses, the next day and was subjected to an interrogation that lasted over eight hours. She was asked to return the following day for another interrogation, but she fled Sudan as she received many threats during her interrogation.

Speaking to Girifna from outside Sudan, she explained that she was first threatened with a court case for  “crimes against the state” but was later told that they don’t want to take her to court.

“Instead, they said they will detain me until the parliament approves the anti-espionage bill,” she told the movement via email.

The anti-espionage bill is expected to be passed by the Sudanese parliament very soon and will affect journalist, activists, civil society activists and even social media activists. It will put activists at risk of execution.

Ms Kabalo is a human rights activist who was also documenting human rights violations in the Nuba Mountains. During her detention, she was threatened with sexual assault and was also told that they will detain her for years , put her in horrible detention conditions such as darkness and solitary confinement until she “becomes crazy”

“They said that if I didn’t cooperate, they will kill me and throw my body away,” she told the movement.

The NISS has a record of sexually assaulting female activists as well as threatening them with sexual assault in an attempt to silence them. Ms Kabalo added that the civil society community in Sudan is infiltrated as she was made to listen to a voice recording of a meeting in which she spoke.

Ms Kabalo feels unsafe even outside Sudan and is still extremely targeted for her work.

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