Join GIRIFNA’s Campaign for Jalila: #Jalila8Months #8شهور_يا_جليلة

Posted on November 7 2012 by sunflower

Dear Sudanese and non-Sudanese tweeps and Facebookers!

On 14 March 2012, after midnight, NISS detained Jalila Khamis, a primary school teacher and Nuba activist from her house. She was not even allowed to change from her nightgown and her family were terrorized in the process. Before her detention, Jalila appeared in a video documenting the humanitarian situation in the Nuba mountains (where a conflict has raged since June 2011 causing many civilian deaths, starvation; and civilians taking refuge in caves). So, she remains in detention and next week, she will complete 8 months, 3 of which were in solitary confinement.

On November 14, 2012; Jalila Kamis Kuku would have spent 8 months in prison without a trial or proper access to her lawyers

Jalila was never formally charged, but NISS keeps threatening her with charges such as spying and conspiring with a foreign country. We want to see Jalila released or to face a free and fair trial. We need to make noise about this.

This is what we want you to do: On Thursday and Friday (Nov. 8 to 9), GIRIFNA wants to have a mass tweeting campaign for Jalila. Tweet for her freedom, tweet for her well-being, tweet because she is traumatized by NISS’s regular threats.

Here are the hash-tags to follow and to use: #Jalila8Months and #8شهور_يا_جليلة

Also, we have a Facebook campaign, on Thursday and Friday, we will all change our profile picture to her picture in solidarity.

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  1. Alessandro Bertolla says:

    Freedom for Jalila

  2. [...] for a campaign to release Jalila, and youth movement “Girifna” (We Are Fed Up) participated campaign on the 8th and 9th of November to condemn the Jalila's ongoing detention using social media [...]

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  4. test says:

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